DRYTECH® Industrial TCT Saw Blades 

Performance - reliability- Cost Effectiveness

DRYTECH® High Speed saw blades 

TCT - DRY cutting saw blades for pipes and profiles, fast cutting, burr free, use on all circular saws and cut-off saws, high durability, excellent cutting quality, resharpenable

Ø 125 - 730 mm


Throw Away Saw Blades

for solid bars and pipes, use on mass cutting machines, high precision, shortest cycle times, high durability, excellent cutting quality. non- resharpenable

Ø 250 - 500 mm


DRYTECH® Aurora Carbon Composites 

Optimal trimming, no delamination, dry machining, short cycle times, high durability in carbon- aramid - and glass fiber-reinforced plastics.

Ø 70 - 405 mm


Aluminium Saw blades 

TCT saw blades for mass cutting in aluminum & non ferrous-metals, profiles, pipes and solid bars, noise reductioned, resharpenable

Ø 200 - 600 mm


Milling Saw blades 

New milling cutter saw blades used on 5x milling centers, for profiles, tubes and and solid materials, high resistance, resharpenable

Ø 100 - 165 mm


Resharpening Service

Do you need to resharpen your saw blades, we offer your resharpening, replacement of teeth and coating services. Contact us!