DRYTECH® Industrial TCT Saw Blades 

Performance - reliability- Cost Effectiveness

DRYTECH® High Speed saw blades 

TCT - DRY cutting saw blades for pipes and profiles, fast cutting, burr free, use on all circular saws and cut-off saws, high durability, excellent cutting quality, resharpenable

Throw Away Saw Blades

for solid bars and pipes, use on mass cutting machines, high precision, shortest cycle times, high durability, excellent cutting quality. non- resharpenable

DRYTECH® Aurora Carbon Composites 

Optimal trimming, no delamination, dry machining, short cycle times, high durability in carbon- aramid - and glass fiber-reinforced plastics.

Aluminum Saw blades 

TCT saw blades for mass cutting in aluminum & non ferrous-metals, profiles, pipes and solid bars, noise reductioned, resharpenable

Milling Saw blades 

New milling cutter saw blades used on 5x milling centers, for profiles, tubes and and solid materials, high resistance, resharpenable

Aurora End Mills for CFRP

High speed milling for an optimized productivity
CVD coating
Efficient chip disposal
Preventing/minimalizing delamination
Reducing friction, corrosion, and wear resistance
Working material: suitable for CFRP