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DRYTECH ® TCT  Saw blades Special INOX

  TCT Saw blades for INOX  DRYTECH® Coating 
• Cutting of stainless steels
• Up to 3 times higher durability
• No tarnishing of materials
• Lower friction
• Lower cost than standard saw blades

An aluminum-titanium-chromium-nitride coating for special applications in cutting material which
tends to stick.Due to the smooth CrN-surface, the tendency for cold welding can be reduced significantly. The silver colored coating has a high hardness and high oxidation resistance.

DRYTECH® Coating in figures:
• Material: Aluminum titanium chromium nitride,AlTiCrN (stacked) 
• microhardness HV 0,05: 3.000 ± 300
• Coefficient of friction against steel 100Cr6: 0,4

Saw blade diameter 230 -560 [mm]
Cutting capacity Ø  6 - 180 [mm]
Cutting speed max. 1800 [m/min]
Feed Speed max.6000 [mm/min]
Kerf 2,0 -3,6 [mm]
Center & pin holes
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        DRYTECH ® TCT  Saw blades for Steel, INOX  & Non Ferrous

        Carbide or cermet tipped saw blades are suitable for high speed stationary semi-automatic and full automatic cutting units.

        Fast cutting, burr free and without coolant of profiles & pipes
        Drytech saw blades are able to cut diverse kinds of material and shapes due to a wide range of different geometries (trims, tubes, shutter profiles, sandwich panels, window profiles and airing profiles etc.). The special tooth shape guarantees a perfect cutting surface and a long cutting life of the blade.

        •Shortest cycle times due to high cutting speed
        •Material saving through thin cut technology with wall thickness  starting from 0.5 mm
        •Very high durability

        •Excellent cutting quality
        •Up to 5 times resharpenable

        Saw blade diameter100 -730 [mm]
        Cutting capacityØ  6 - 210 [mm]
        Cutting speedmax. 1800 [m/min]
        Feed Speedmax.6000 [mm/min]
        Kerf2,0 -4,0 [mm]
        Center & pin holescustomized