DRYTECH® Aurora TCT SB 305 x 1.6 x 30H x 260T for carbon fiber reinforced plastics with wall thickness < 10mm

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    Our dry cutting technology eliminates the need for lubricants. Sawing with our saw blades is therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

    DRYTECH® Aurora TCT saw blades are the perfect solution for cutting profiles, pipes and plates of carbon fiber reinforced plastics, thermoplastics, aramid fiber, glass fiber and others.

    Clean cutting edge √
    Prevent delamination √
    Less dust volume √
    Material saving √
    Less heat processing √

    Cutting speed : 3000 m/min
    Feed speed: 4000-15000 mm/min

    Application : Robots, Milling Center, 5-Axe CNC Machining Center or common Aluminum and Wood Working Machines