6'' Drytech® carbide tipped saw blade LBS impact resistant ø 150 mm / 34T for steel (thin walled)

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    Ideal for cutting metal grids and grates, trapezoidal sheets,
    metal profiles, conduits, shutter pipes and much more.
    With 1.0 to 1.5 mm LBS-blades are much thinner than conventional saw blades. Therefore sawing with LBS-saw blades saves material and time.

    Our dry cutting technology eliminates the need for lubricants.
    Sawing with our saw blades is therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

    ø: 5,9'' / 150 mm
    Bore: 0,79'' / 20 mm
    Kerf: 0,047'' / 1,2 mm
    Teeth: 34
    Max. speed 4500 rpm
    Application: steel (thin walled)

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